The Future Village Foundation was established in 2011 to support the education of children in rural Nepal for a sustainable future, both for them and their community. It was started in 2010 by seven volunteers who are working professionals from Singapore, to volunteer English lessons in a remote mountain (Katunge, Dhading Province) in Nepal. The Foundation was then co-founded by Peter Hepenstall and Jessie Lai. The Foundation also aims to:

  • provide clean energy
  • improve infrastructure
  • improve health and sanitation conditions

To date, the Foundation has made several milestones and will continue in making a difference in the lives of Nepalese children. Key achievements:

  • Organised 16 volunteering trips, with more than 150 volunteers from 20 different countries.
  • Supported 4 school programs in Nepal — three in remote mountainous districts and one in Kathmandu. Funded salary for 5 teachers in two projects for 4 years. 
  • Conducted English lessons and educational activities to more than 300 students in regular visits.
  • Provided basic education sponsorship to 20 students for five years and 5 orphans for three years.
  • Provided scholarship for further study to 10 students for two years of junior college and 4 students for university education. The first sponsored student has completed five years medical school study as the first doctor from Dolpa district (the most remote region) in Nepal. 
  • Funded the construction of two new classrooms, four school toilets and five household toilets, set up library, and donated books. 
  • Installed solar panels in local education center and schools to provide proper lighting and clean energy. Conducted revamped “Liter of light” project and trained local technicians in remote village.
  • Provided free dental care to about 700 children and villagers by collaborating with overseas volunteer dentists and local dental NGO.
  • 2015 earthquake- raised about SGD 200,000 to support ten local project for relief works. 
  • Funded boy dormitory tenancy costs for Snowland school for 4 years. 
  • Executed Youth Development Program to 50 Junior College students to improve financial skills, thereby enhancing employability. Conducted Coding training and 3D printing workshop in Snowland school to bridge digital gaps. 
  • Sponsored “Long Way Home” program since 2013 to support graduated Snowland students to visit their families in the Himalayan mountains, after being apart from their families for ten years. Initiated documentary project “Children of the Snow Land” in 2014 about the going home journey. From 2020, this program has been handed over to Snowland Journeys (CIC based in the UK) to carry on future going home trips. 

Although the annual cost of education for one child is relatively low at less than USD 200, 40% of Nepalese children do not get to continue their education past 12 years old, according to UNICEF. You can play a part to help make a sustainable difference to these children, simply by:

  • Sponsoring their education: only USD100 is needed to support a year of basic education for one village child. USD200 to support a year of education for one orphanage. USD250 to fund a teacher’s salary for one month.
  • Volunteering in the Youth Development Program: share your career experiences with the Nepalese college students in Medical Service, Accounting, IT & Engineering, Hospitality, Teaching, and the Arts.
  • Participating in Volunteering trips: volunteers just need to attend five meeting sessions to prepare for the trip to Nepal

The Foundation was initially registered NGO in Australia – ACN Number 154 065 817, then re-located to Nepal in 2016 for easier management to support local projects. 

Contact us for more information now.

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