My Thought

phoksundo-lakeSnowland is a school run under the trust of His Holiness Dolpo Buddha. It’s a home for many children from Himalayan parts of Nepal. All the children are seeming very innocent who really don’t know the meaning of life, so here all the children are provided quality of education with basis facilities. Children get so many opportunities to learn different knowledge on various things.

The school is run with the help of many well-wishers such as AMTM, Taiwan group, Future Village foundation and His Holiness Dolpo Buddha. Dolpo Buddha is doing very hard work due to his extra effort school is running with very well condition. He is like a God and all the kids are like his follower and school is like a monastery. We do pray for the peace and harmony through the world.

Children are very good at learning. During their stay at Snowland they learn many things such as dealing with people, how to make prefect decision, what is right way to gain success and always calmness while dealing with difficulties matters, loving to the younger and respecting elders. They go or get back to their home after 10 or 11 years to meet their family and relatives. They become capable to do something within these 10 years.thirsty

The Future Village Foundation is organizing a programme for SLC graduates students called Long Way Going Back to home since 2013. Children are taken to their home safely by organizing tour or trip with guide facilities.  My thought towards the Snowland school is everything for me. I grow up and capable to do something in my life. Snowland didn’t made me feel lonely. I got love of family at Snowland. I really don’t know how to grand my thankful towards the school.

Its large family where all the kids share their feelings to each other and with Guru. Guru Dolpo Buddha is like a God for me. Those people who believe in Buddhism please come and visit His Holiness Dolpo Buddha and support him inside traveling to religious places. He is the greatest person in the earth who is doing something very special for the needy kids of Himalayan region of Nepal. So I am very thankful towards him and Snowland family and all the well-wisher who is always there to help the school.

By: Rinniten Gurung

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