Our School Our Home

There are many sources from where we can gain knowledge, skill, education etc. But school is the most important among them. Here is some information about our school. Our school name is Snowland Ranag Light of Education School. It was established in 2002 by our God Father Tulku Ranag Rinchen Rinpoche (Dolpo Buddha). In this school all the facilities are provided for free to the children.

Some facilities are hostels, books, computers, basketball court, new LCD television, dish home, medical room, musical instruments, pure drinking water, more than 10 class rooms etc. Also the school provides outstanding education, sports, good food, good clothes, health checkup and experienced teachers. There is about 150 students. It seems many students but we all live together under one roof like our own brothers and sisters. Within us there is love between each other, always playing together, studying together, helping each other and so on. In this school all the students are from Himalayan region like Dolpa, Mustang, Manang, Mugu etc. which is very remote and inaccessible.

If we were in the village then we might have many difficulties and may not get any education. Time would be spent on things like working in the field, rearing animals, going to bring wood and water, washing clothes etc. Thanks to our God Father Dolpo Buddha we are able to come here and gain education, skills, knowledge etc. To reach our village it takes all together about 8 days (one day by bus and the remaining days by walking).

The road and trail are not good and hard to walk to get to our village. Visiting our village can be dangerous because of narrow and steep roads, so that’s why we fear to go to the village so we stay all the time in the school.

Blog by Karma Dondup Gurung & Kunchock Sumba

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