My Dream as Doctor

By Gyaltsen Gurung (First medical student from Snowland School)

A snowland studentHi everyone! I am Gyaltsen Gurung from Dolpa district, Nepal. Recently, I am studying in 2nd year of MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) at Gandaki Medical College, Pokhara. I have never thought I would be a doctor, but by the help of beautiful and kind people I am already in 2nd year of MBBS.

I will tell you brief story of my childhood life. I was born in a poor and big family. I have four brothers and five sisters, of which I and my two younger brothers are getting education. At the time of 1998 A.D, there were no schools in my village. For education, we had to go to Kathmandu (capital city of Nepal) which would take 15 days to get there. Also, my parents didn’t have money to send us to school neither any of educating field. Luckily, I got a chance to go to Kathmandu as we heard about free school for Dolpo children established by “Shree Guru Ranag Tulku Rinchen Rinpoche”. In 2000 A.D, my mother sent me with some of villagers by selling woolen blanket “Kamlo” made by her which costs around NRs.1500. I can clearly remember that beautiful moment. Right after arriving Kathmandu, I got admitted to Snowland Ranag Light of Education School which later turn into my 2nd home and everything. It was the best place in the world. Guru made us never feel of lack of home and love from our parents. I was taught everything there, good discipline, wisdom, knowledge, leadership, moral, truth and love. And duration of spending eleven years in the school I got love, care, blessing and good teachings which I would have never get from anywhere, anyone. We were all friends, brothers and sisters. And this is one of the best parts of my life and I love my school and Guru very much. I still go to my school whenever I have long holiday.

After passing SLC (School Leaving Certificate) with good marks, I joined White House College which is one of the best colleges in Nepal by the help of Rinpoche and Nicola Whatley from Scotland through IGWR (In Giving We Receive). My 2 years in White House College was successful- I graduated in 2013 with good marks by being 2nd topper of the college.

Since my childhood life, I love to help, care and cure needy living beings. I always want happiness for others. And my mom, who is the most kind lady she always taught me a lesson of kindness and happiness of helping other. After college graduation, I had 6 months holiday in which I can do anything. But my dream and willing were different; I didn’t want to waste my time as I want to become a doctor. Soon I joined the Vibrant (Preparation course for Entrance Exam of Medicine) by the help of Jessie Lai from Taiwan and Gaume Martine from France – both of them supports my dream to become a doctor. It was a good time and productive. I passed the Entrance exam easily. But by just passing, nothing would happen unless I had NRs 4,800,000 (around USD 50,000) to get into medicine admission. Luckily IGWR, FVF (The Future Village Foundation), Jessie lai and Peter Hepenstall from Singapore and Gaume Martine had organized everything for my admission. I got admitted in 2014 and now I am 2nd year of MBBS and soon will be in 3rd year. A good news is that I was awarded as the “GMC Best Student of the Year” being the topper of the batch.

The credit goes to all my supporters specially IGWR, FVF (The Future Village Foundation) and my Guru. I am very happy that my dream of helping and curing needy people of Dolpa and bringing happiness in ill people is going to turn into reality soon. I hope soon I would be able to help many people in Dolpo, who are unaware of diseases, uneducated. I will do my best to be a good doctor that is wanted by all my helpers, supporters and well-wishers. I promise, I will never let your hope and aspiration down. And finally I want to say that what I am today is just because of all beautiful and kind people like Rinpoche, Peter Hepenstall, Jessie lai, Gaume Martine and Nicola Whatley. From the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you all!

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