Volunteering @ Snowland

I gave them knowledge. They gave me realisation. By George Cao THE OPPORTUNITY It all began with an ad on my company’s intranet looking for volunteering at Snowland school in Kathmandu, Nepal. After finding out this is a school catered for poor students from extreme remote areas in Dolpa, some of which never say their…

What the kids in Nepal taught me

It took a terrible earthquake that practically damages Kathmandu to shake me out of this mentality, and I decided to write this post about the kids in Nepal, because I’m thinking of them, and I’m praying for their safety.

The Long Way Home – on the road to Dolpa

The Long Way Home is a story of hope and happiness. It is set in Nepal. It is a story of sacrifice and love. It is a story of opportunity – or more accurately a lack of it. It is a saga of sadness and despair as well. There is drama and adventure and there is laughter and tears.

Teaching at Future Village in Nepal

It was my first time volunteering at a village… a challenging but a fulfilling experience. Future Village had no electricty and just had the mere basic facilities when we were there

Future Village (Nepal)

My second volunteer experience was in October when I spent 10 days in Nepal with the Future Village Foundation visiting schools in Kathmandu and the small mountain village of Katunge in Dhading Province.

Big mountains, Small Children

Two and a half days is little time to make permanent change, but we did the best we could. The most valuable lessons we could give them were the ones on hygiene, and brushing their teeth, simple acts that are not taught in schools, and not emphasised on in villages.

Volunteering at Snowland School, Kathmandu

I came to Nepal for a few reasons; I was unsure of what I wanted to do with my life, I wanted to see Nepal, breathe in the fresh mountain air for a while, and most importantly, I wanted to be among children again.

A Proper Location Shoot

We all agreed that life in the “Kingdom of Mountains” was undoubtedly hard and underprivileged but nonetheless the people were some of the friendliest and happiest we had ever met.