Teaching at Future Village in Nepal

3135762Best few days in 2012 were when my husband and I spent time at a remote village in the mountains of Nepal teaching kids together with fellow volunteers from Singapore. What a beautiful experience it was!

It was my first time volunteering at a village… a challenging but a fulfilling experience. Future Village had no electricty and just had the mere basic facilities when we were there… but it has I believe one of the most beautiful kids in this world. We got through the difficult nights as we looked forward to the lovely kids and the gorgoeus views of mountians that greeted us each morning.

I feel very fortunate to have met kids who are so smart and I was really amazed at their quick-learning ability be it English, Mathematics or Geography that we were teaching. They were so disciplined.. the kids walk miles and miles across mountains to attend classes by volunteers at FV at 6am everyday! simply because they are extremely hungry for knowledge…. I’m proud to have been part of the Future Village project which I strongly believe one day will close the knowlege gap between remote village children and urban children.

I miss the darling kids who made my every second there special, the insanely hospitable locals and the fellow volunteers I learnt so much from. Thank you for these beautiful memories Future Village! This is defintely the highlight of my 2012!


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